These are times when the academic community may join the larger community for gatherings around lessons and dhikr

Jumuah @1:30


Live & Learn 

Modern Lessons from the Quran w/  Nasheed



Listen to Imam Fode Spiritual Tarbiyyah Class



Seerah of The Prophet (saws)


Yan Taru Camps


Winter Camp- December 20, 2019- January 3 2020

Summer Camp- July 1- August 14th, 2020

AHAD Boys Rites of Passage
Summer Program
July 1-August 14th, 2020

Important Dates for Boarding School

Orientation – September 5th

This is the time for students and parents to be deeply acquainted with the school and its routine. Parents are expected to come witht heir child for a positive beginning to the School term.

Family Week-  December 20-27th

This is a wonderful time for parents to come see what their child is learning and experiencing in The Gambia. Parents will be treated to presentations from the students, check on their progress and explore the Gambia with their student enrolled in Boarding School

Spring Break– March 18th- 30th

Students will enjoy a brief break. Parents may come to visit or children may return home for the break.

Summer Presentations June 25