Our Mission


Our school is based upon educating and developing the whole student.  We acheive this mission by providing a well rounded curriculum that focuses on the inner and outer dimensions of each learner.  By respecting the natural disposition of each student, teachers work with the students to effectively acquire and integrate the diverse knowledge introduced. Together they work to identify, nature and build on each students unique talents and interests while gently guiding them to a path of inner and outer success.

Our Vision

We envision a community diverse in age, ability, talent and resources committed to learning, growing and producing together in a healthy environment meant for complete success.

We recognize that our complete success is only gained through complete freedom, inner and outer.  Therefore, the International Islamic Academy of Gambia is focused on facilitating the the intellectual, social, religious and spiritual maturation of all connected to this endeavor in order for them to access the freedom Allah has given them as a birthright.